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We all know how difficult and complicated it is for a manufacturer of product and service to have a constant flow of manufacturing orders. Also, sometimes you need a quick solution to a material, production- job or a manufacturing (sourcing) problem. MFRS.Directory's "capabilities" listings offers a solution to these problems. MFRS.Directory's "capabilities" listings can balance your workflow by supply orders from global buyers. Join the Bidders List or create your RFQ's here.

Only 1% of U.S. businesses export. Create RFQ's and Join the Bidders List.
The United States has the potential to export much more. Only 1% of U.S. businesses export. U.S. exports in 2020 was 8.9% of GDP. Capital goods top the list of U.S. exports. These include aircraft, machines, equipment, and semiconductors. The production of soybeans, meat, poultry, and corn benefits the most from government farm subsidies. The volume of U.S. exports falls short of its imports. Let's work on making manufacturers export more and to improve trade in general.Join the Bidders list. MFRS.Directory
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Manufacturers: Manufacturers have to become a member of the Bidders Listings System. The Bidders Listing will show your capabilities to global purchasers and buyers. It is important that you complete the Manufacturers Bidders List as detailed as possible, only then you will maximize your chances for inquiries, manufacturing, supply, design and construction work orders.
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Buyers: Buyers can place inquiries, or RFQ's (Requests For Quotations) in the form of Quick RFQ's, and alternatively, very detailed RFQ's. For instance in the case of an extended manufacturing project. Manufacturers can also be buyers, for instance when they want to ask other manufacturers to produce certain items for them. In that case, manufacturers simply place a (Quick or Detailed) RFQ above.
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MFRS.Directory considers it most important that the manufacturers' (industrial distributor's, manufacturers', etc.) company website should outperform that of their competitors. Your website should be one of your biggest sales channels and be your best marketing tool, helping to attract prospects, establish trust, capture leads, and, ultimately win new business. MFRS.Directory listings' main objective is to promote your company's website plus your company business capabilities. A listing at MFRS.Directory lists your business information, but more importantly, constantly elevates your business website to an indispensable tool in running your business. We are part of
Revrok.Net, a collective of a number of industrial websites all located on the first, and following  pages of Google and Bing. We are your Business Website SEO optimization tool after you have joined the bidders list. On your MFRS Bidders Listing you will see your Business Website's Alexa page rank indicator. Watch the rank indicator of your business website change over time for the better when you have joined the MFRS bidders list.
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Additive Manufacturing, Armandfaf, Casting, Forming (Metalworking), Joining, Labeling and Painting, Machining, More...
It is becoming increasingly common that R&D and marketing is conducted internally and manufacturing performed by outsourcing partners, raising questions about the strategic role of internal manufacturing capabilities. This role can be evaluated by how they contribute to the focal firm’s competitive priorities. Competitive priority is innovation, the role of manufacturing capabilities is to facilitate more efficient product development in collaboration with customers. When operational efficiency is the dominant competitive priority, the role of manufacturing capabilities is naturally to provide high operational efficiency.
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